Things to consider when selecting signage

Signage, whether it is outdoor or indoor, is an important aspect of any local business’ marketing plan. It is also key to establishing the branding for your business. A first impression is a lasting one, so make sure your signage is appealing and consistent with your brand. Consider the tips below when selecting your signage. As with any effective marketing element, the goal is to create a buzz about your products/services, attract new customers and increase sales.

Distance and visibility

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When selecting signage, distance and visibility are extremely important. Your sign should have maximum impact and be viewable from a predetermined viewing distance. An understanding of how far signs can be read while still maintaining excellent readability and legibility is essential. As a rule of thumb, it is good to calculate 1 inch of letter height for every 10 feet of viewing distance. See this PDF document from the United States Sign Council to learn more.

Colour and contrast

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Improve the legibility of your signage with high colour and contrast. Some of the best colour combinations include white on black, black on yellow, yellow on black and black on white. Outline your artwork or add drop shadow to it to strengthen the colour contrast even more. Avoid using a combination such as blue on green because it produces low visibility results. Discuss options with your printer if you are unsure about your choices.

Other things to consider

Consider the conditions and the area in which your signage will be placed. Will it be outdoors or indoors? If it is an outdoor sign, what are the lighting conditions like in the area? Is the signage for a business that is open at night? What are the neighbouring businesses’ signs like, and are you competing with others in the area as well? All of these variables should be considered when designing your sign because they affect the readability of it and how people see it.

Effective signage is important because it helps create public awareness about your products and services and drives customers through your doors. By using large format printing, you enhance your competitive advantage and maximize your marketing opportunity.

What are your signage challenges?

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