How to use stickers and labels to boost your brand recognition

Stickers are more than just child’s play! If you’ve ever bought an Apple product, you’ve probably received a sticker of their logo. Stickers are an easy way to increase your brand impressions. If you start providing a sticker with each purchase, you never know where your logo will end up! Custom-printed stickers and labels are powerful tools you can use to increase brand recognition for your business.

Custom printed stickers and labels at TPh The Printing House

You’ll often find Smoke’s Poutinerie stickers around Toronto (image by bella.m on flickr)

How to integrate stickers and labels into your business

There are numerous possibilities of ways stickers can benefit your business, but some popular uses include window decals, product labels, bumper stickers and promotional stickers. Use window decals to reinforce brand recognition, advertise new products or create a custom look for your showcase windows. Product labels can be printed that will adhere to everything from boxes to bags to glass jars and bottles. Custom stickers and labels add a professional touch to folders and other business materials. Consider giving away promotional stickers or bumper stickers at your next event.

Custom-made for your production process

Any image that can be inputted into a computer can be printed as a custom label or sticker. What does your process look like? Before you order stickers for your business, consider whether your stickers will be used as part of an automated process. You may require them to come on a roll or on a sheet, so ensure that what you’re ordering won’t hurt the productivity in your process.

No minimum orders

The computer-guided process used by TPH® has several advantages for printing labels or stickers. Unlike the traditional method, where labels and stickers are cut with a steel die, the digital imaging and cutting process does not require a minimum quantity. Rather than creating a die for a single order, the computer-guided cutting system creates custom artwork efficiently, regardless of the size of your print run. The process is also quick, and same-day orders are possible. You can order the stickers you need, when you need them. With less waste, your company will save money and benefit the environment. Once your digital image is stored at TPH®, the turnaround will be even faster, whether you need ten stickers or ten thousand.

With a variety of stocks, and precise computer technology, you can create any sticker or label that you can envision. Whether you need multiple sheets of stickers to distribute at your next event or a few rolls of custom-made wine labels for your newest vintage, your stickers can be printed by our experts at TPH®. Learn more on our Custom Decals page.

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  1. If you use both things brilliantly then you’ll get exposure of these promotional items otherwise not get anything.

  2. I think stickers
    and decals on the cars will help more as they will be on display evrywhere we
    drive and also help decorating the car

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