Four unique and creative uses for custom whiteboards

Custom whiteboard printingCustom whiteboards are reusable, convenient and cost-saving tools that reduce waste while providing a high level of functionality. Below are a few of the endlessly unique and creative ways to use whiteboards.


Custom whiteboards are so versatile; they can be used for virtually any organizational task, project or purpose. They are particularly useful for designing projects by writing out key words and concepts. For example, for both home and business communication, task flows can be ordered and reordered in any way desired.

Any professional or business person can use custom whiteboards for keeping track of key company information, from important task notes to clients, projects and ideas.

Home offices can benefit greatly from whiteboards. For example, they can be used to display the work day including key appointments, deadlines and details. The versions with removable adhesive backing can be moved from place to place for extra portability.

Custom whiteboards can be designed as lapboards, or condensed versions of full-sized whiteboards. Because they are smaller, lapboards can be alternatives to task managers and paper planners. Their versatility makes it easier to quickly jot down tasks, phone messages and other useful information.

Creative projects

As a tool for idea mapping and vision lists, full-size custom whiteboards are useful to organize and monitor information, adjusting it as necessary. Displaying the data makes it easy to share, which is particularly helpful for brainstorming sessions. Ideas can be written, drawn and planned out in whatever direction needed.

Templates and designs can be created that are very useful for branding and marketing tasks. For example, spheres, grids, landscapes and logos are just a few of the many designs that may be implemented into custom whiteboards. These types of whiteboards can be used for more effective collaboration activities.

Writers, designers, filmmakers and other creative artists and business people routinely use custom whiteboards for storyboarding, brainstorming and other types of collaboration. In these cases, using colourful dry-erase markers enhance creative energy and artistic abilities.


Whiteboards are useful tools in all types of instruction and learning environments. Using them to display important concepts is a great way to inspire students and others to participate. They also provide a cleaner alternative to chalkboards and the dust that they accumulate. In addition, students may be provided with individual custom whiteboards to make the information presented more memorable and therefore more meaningful.

Business marketing

Custom whiteboards are often used for business meetings and gatherings, both inside and outside of the office. Portable versions are easy to carry, set up and tear down. This makes them perfect for temporary yet effective displays, charts and graphs at trade shows and events.

In the business world, professionals use custom whiteboards for all types of meetings, from demonstrations to instruction. They are an essential asset for all types of business briefings and seminars.

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