What does it take to get noticed around here? Marketing your business using vehicle signage

What does it take to get noticed in this town? This is a question that small business owners often ask themselves, and if you have a local business, you may be wondering the same thing. Some businesses choose billboards for high-impact advertising, but billboards have one huge drawback: They are stuck in one place. If you really want to get your business noticed, consider the advantages of vehicle signage.

Vehicle graphics at TPH The Printing House

Why use vehicle signage?

Think about the commercial vehicles you see on the road every day. From dry cleaners to florists, locksmiths to plumbers, any business that uses vehicles to deliver its products or services benefits when its name, phone number, website and other vital business information is clearly visible on its vehicles. Wherever those vehicles go, people see the company information. If your signage is done well, people will remember it and check out your company when they’re in the market for whatever you provide. Even if your business doesn’t use vehicles to deliver products or transport employees, you can still promote your company on your own car or truck.

Clear and simple

You want to deliver a message, but remember that a moving car or truck is not the place to get overly fancy or detailed. It’s best to keep the information on your vehicles brief and to the point. Include your business name, logo, phone number and website. Depending on the space available, you might also list a few short bullet points about the products or services you supply. Use a simple, sans serif font in a size large enough to be read from a distance and a colour that contrasts suitably with the vehicle colour. Fancy fonts can make your text difficult to read, and if people can’t read the message, it won’t do you any good.

Backwards, forwards and sideways

Have you ever noticed that ambulances have mirror-image text on their fronts? That’s so the drivers in the cars in front of them can easily read the word “AMBULANCE” when looking in their rear-view mirrors. You can use this same strategy to promote your business on the front or hood of your company vehicles, making your message instantly legible to other drivers on the road. Text on the rear of the vehicle should read forwards, of course. If your vehicles are often parked in the street, the text you choose for the sides will be especially important.

Keep it clean

Once you’ve got your vehicle signage in place, be sure to wash your vehicles regularly to keep them looking nice and shiny. This not only makes your signage easier to read, but promotes the impression that your company is conscientious and professional.

Getting noticed is easy when you’ve got the right signage on your vehicles. You might even say that it can drive business right to your door. (Ha!)

If you need more information on how to advertise your brand/products on a car, truck or any other type of vehicle, get in touch with the TPH® professionals near you. Also check out our large format printing page to learn more about our different options for banners, signs and other types of large print materials.

What is the best vehicle signage you’ve ever seen? And what graphics are you planning for your mobile marketing machine?

Brittany Giles is the Social Media Specialist at The Printing House.

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