Top four reasons for choosing digital printing

The growth of digital printing technology has brought about some excellent technical advancements for the commercial printing industry. While offset printing seems to be the popular choice for high-volume printing, digital printing yields excellent advantages. Having a clear understanding of these advantages is important if you’re looking to maximize your marketing dollars.

digital vs offset printing

Cost effectiveness

Digital printing offers a cheaper low-volume printing option compared to offset lithograph printing. If you only require a handful to several thousand copies from your press run, then digital printing involves a lower per-unit cost. The start-up costs for digital printing are minimal for short runs compared to the start-up costs for offset lithograph printing because digital printing doesn’t require set-up.

Quick turnaround time

Another advantage of digital printing is the quick turnaround time. When you provide your print supplier with your output-ready files, your material can be processed and ready at your designated deadline without any further information from you. You don’t have to worry about ink drying time because the images come off the press dry, ready for cutting and other bindery operations.

Personalization capabilities

The personalization capabilities that come with using this method of printing make it the perfect option for direct marketing, advertising and developing customer relationships. You have the ability to create variable pieces that include personal information, such as the recipient’s name, in the printing process by using information from an external file or a database. You can add unique graphics, text and address information without stopping or slowing down the press.

Reduced waste

Choosing digital printing provides a more accurate account of production. It also offers customers the option to order inexpensive reruns with up-to-date specifications. This essentially leads to less waste, and it reduces the need to maintain a large inventory.

Digital print technology provides you with the convenience of being able to effectively manage your print production. It prevents the need to store bulk material or dump out-of-date stock, wasting money and resources. Digital print is the best method for short runs of commercial prints. Your company can tailor your message, to target a specific audience and produce the number of pieces you need when you need them. All of this is only possible with digital technology. If you still aren’t sure whether digital or offset printing is right for you, check out this post to learn more about the pros and cons of each technology.

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