Be cost-effective: use banners and rollups to market your business

If you run a local business, you know how important it is to catch your customer’s attention quickly and draw them into your store. With all the distractions shoppers contend with, that’s easier said than done. But with colourful, eye-catching banners, you can at least hold your own in a competitive marketplace.

Printing banners at TPH The Printing House

Using size to your advantage

Printers have the tools to put your message on a sign of any size, from a small banner to a large colourful sign posted strategically in a high-traffic area. Large-format printing is the perfect way to market your products and services to large numbers of consumers. Banner advertising is a smart strategy to get you noticed. Use banners and rollup banners for:

  • Posters that reinforce your brand
  • Outdoor advertising using vinyl
  • Construction signage
  • Advertising your presence at a trade show
  • Marketing your company with a banner on a pull-up/retractable banner stand

Using banners and rollup banners creates endless opportunities for you to communicate your message in your own creative style. If you don’t have access to a billboard by the motorway, your best bet is to capitalise on eye-catching banner advertising. Banners can run as big as 5¼ x 150 feet, or 4 x 8 feet without seams.

The core benefits of banners and rollup banners

Buying air time on mainstream radio or television stations is wildly expensive and doesn’t always allow businesses to reach their target audience. Advertising in a newspaper or magazine is also expensive and has a short lifespan. Designing your own banner ads gives you more control over where to advertise and how long the advertisement stays visible. Additionally, a professional printing company can provide a short turnaround time between when you place your order and when your banner is ready.

In addition to being an affordable form of promotion to generate new business, banners and rollups can be reused again and again. That’s a blessing for small businesses on a tight marketing budget. Banners made of vinyl or a sturdy material that can stand up to weather and outdoor conditions can last several seasons.

Using large format printing to create colourful images and lettering with high resolution will definitely help your business stand out from the crowd. It’s the perfect low-budget ad campaign. If you aren’t sure where to start or how to design your banners, contacting a professional printing company that is experienced in this form of advertising will make the process much easier and will ensure the best possible outcome.

Brittany Giles is the Social Media Specialist at The Printing House.

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