Legal printing companies: a law office’s strongest business ally

Most attorneys know the importance of finding a reliable and trustworthy printing company to serve their document printing needs, but how many think of the security measures legal printers take to ensure their clients’ privacy? Because of the sensitive nature of the documents they handle, legal printers handling court documents and legal briefs for their law office clients have to take extra steps to ensure maximum privacy.

Legal printing services at TPH The Printing House

Choosing the right legal printing company

If your office needs legal documents printed, it’s imperative that you know who to turn to for fast, accurate and confidential service. A printing company that handles legal documents should know the importance of quality copying and scanning services. Some printers go as far as closing off an entire section or floor specifically for secure legal printing. They take pride in serving their clientele, which can include:

  • Accounting firms
  • Law enforcement departments
  • Law offices and independent attorneys
  • Legal departments of banks and corporate head offices
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Various government departments

The right legal printing company should have extensive experience in handling legal documents of all types. Before deciding on which company to work with, ask them what extra measures they take to ensure confidentiality and efficiency.

Whatever documents you need

One of the most convenient aspects of outsourcing your legal printing projects is that is takes the burden off your in-house employees and spares your copy machines. A professional legal printer will work closely with you and offer the best services suitable for your business.

To help you avoid overtime expenses, a legal printer can handle all the labour-intensive tasks for you, including after-hours or rush jobs. They can take care of affidavits, litigation scanning and copying, motion records, transcripts and statements of claim and defence. Projects can include printing, optical character recognition scanning and reducing or enlarging documents. Finish work includes binding and binder duplication, mailing and dieless custom cutting.

Advantages of using legal printers

Rather than take their chances with just any printing company, many organizations with legal printing projects take their documents to specialists experienced in working directly with legal firms. These printers ensure turnaround time is fast, all originals are returned, and some even offer 24-hour service. Employees sign confidentiality agreements, and any printing work is done in a private setting, not available to the general public.

As an added security measure, protected paper can be used to prevent unauthorized scanning or copying of sensitive material. This type of paper can be used in legal documents, but also to print vital records such as marriage licenses or birth or death certificates. There are several types of protected paper, including:

  • Copy stop paper, which reveals a hidden message such as “void” or “unauthorized copy” on scanned copies of the original
  • Carbonless copy warning paper, which covers the page of a scanned copy with the word “copy” if unauthorised duplication has taken place

For security that you and your clients can trust, contact your local TPH® manager for more information on legal printing services .

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