Three benefits to having a unique business card

Having a well-designed business card provides a ton of advantages. Your business card will be the first impression that many people will have of your company. Think about it: it’s marketing for you and your business!

Here are some of reasons why it’s important to take the time to create an impactful business card:

  • A business card should denote a high level of professionalism. It starts with quality ink, quality paper and professional typefaces. The rest is up to your creativity and imagination! Since we’re not all born with artistic flair, it’s generally better to work with a designer or a printing company who can provide professional design guidance. The last thing you want is a cheap-looking business card representing your brand.

Business cards design and printing

  • Business cards subconsciously leave a long-lasting impression. The receiver of your unique business card might show it to their colleagues and/or friends, giving you extra visibility! A boring card will have the sad fate of being buried in a business card graveyard. Spending some extra time and money to come up with a great design, stock, cut, and print finish for your business card will be worth it in the end.

Awesome business cards

  • A great business card will have different ways of “capturing” the lead. Some of those ways might include links to your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. There is a good chance that if people like your card, they will be inclined to follow you in the social space. When someone likes your Facebook page or follows you on Twitter, they will be exposed to all your content and product updates. They will be that much closer to becoming a client!

Unique business cards

What is the best business card that you’ve seen? What do your business cards look like? We’d love to see them! Show us in comments or tweet them to us @tphcanada. Or if you’re in the mood for a video, check out our video on branding and business cards!

Brittany Giles is the Social Media Specialist at The Printing House.

3 thoughts on “Three benefits to having a unique business card

  1. I love how you mentioned that if you have a good card, then people will be more likely to follow your social space. My husband wants to start a business and wanted to know some tips and benefits of having a business card. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to him while he starts up his business.

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