How to put together a winning presentation

How can you make a good presentation

Whether you like them or not, presentations happen and they can have a great impact on your career. A fantastic presentation can catch the attention of someone in power and land you the deal that you’ve been waiting for. Follow these steps and your presentation will surely blow everyone else out of the water.

  • Be excited about what you’re talking about! You set the tone for your audience and excitement is contagious so if you’re enthusiastic about what you’re talking about – even if it’s one of the dullest subjects in the world – chances are that they will be too!
  • Create a stellar PowerPoint. It can be a headache to wrestle with the program, but remember Guy Kawasaki’s rule: 10/20/30. That’s ten slides, twenty minutes, thirty point type – the ideal trifecta for a PowerPoint. Alternatively, you could try out Prezi for your digital slideshow – it’s my personal favourite! It’s more dynamic and visually interesting than your standard PowerPoint file.
  • Distribute your handouts in style. Leave them with something memorable. That’s one of the best practices of a successful presentation: provide a summary of the information that your audience can take away to digest. Create a professionally bound custom book to provide your information in a way that will leave a lasting impression with your audience. They will be more likely to hold onto a unique piece such as this instead of some photocopied handouts.
  • Cut the sales speak. Imagine that you’re talking to a friend and be personable. Skip the buzzwords that make you sound robotic. It’ll make it much easier to hold the audience’s attention!
  • Practice makes perfect. The old adage is true! Know exactly what’s on your slides, never read from them, and brainstorm the questions that you might be asked and have answers prepared ahead of time. Be ready to prove to your audience that you’re an expert on the topic you’re presenting about.

What do you do to make your presentations successfully stand out? We want to hear your best advice!

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