Four noteworthy networking tips for lead generation

Everyone wants to get noticed, especially in the business world. It can be difficult to stand out and catch the eye of your potential customers when there’s a sea of competition at every event and conference. Even differentiating yourself in the online environment can be a challenge.

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So how do you make a lasting impression with your contacts and generate quality leads?

  • Do your homework. If you’re going to an event, have an idea of who you want to get to know and what you want to convey to them, and then follow up promptly afterwards. This isn’t dating — those rules don’t apply here — so be quick to get in contact.
  • Step up your LinkedIn game. Make sure your profile is captivating, informative and professional (did you know that people are seven times more likely to view the profile of someone with a smiling, professional photo?). Participate in conversations, share interesting articles and business tips and add value to the people you’re linked with. Demonstrate your knowledge, connect with your contacts and people will want to do business with you.
  • Get unique with your How to build your networkbusiness cards. Avoid handing out an average business card; make your information pop! If you use social media for business, include your LinkedIn URL and Twitter handle. Add rounded corners or a stock that will give your card the extra weight to stand out. Details are key to making sure your business cards help to keep you top of mind.
  • Add a personal touch. Remember the last time someone sent you a handwritten card? Make an effort to do something personal — whether it’s sending a thank you note instead of an email or paying a personal visit to prospective clients — and you’ll make a lasting impression.

These are just four quick ways to make a big impression and generate some leads. What steps do you take and find successful?

Brittany Giles is the Social Media Specialist at The Printing House.

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