Five reasons why direct marketing matters

Direct marketing services at TPH The Printing HouseI love receiving mail, but I can’t stand getting junk mail. I also love receiving promotions and special offers from companies that I like, but those often get lost amongst all of that supposed junk. Every time I get a piece of generic mail, chances are I’ll toss it aside for something that’s actually addressed to me and has my name right on it. When you think of the money that is spent on marketing campaigns, shouldn’t we work towards making those dollars count?

Here’s why direct marketing matters for your business:

  • Canadians love receiving mail! 72% look forward to seeing what’s in their mailbox¹ and 95% of Canadians read their mail the same day that they receive it².
  • A whopping 84% of Canadians are more likely to open mail if it has their name on it¹.
  • 68% of Canadians have a positive attitude towards direct mail (23% love all one-to-one media, 38% prefer physical mail only, 27% embrace the combination of direct mail and email)³.
  • Direct marketing helps foster long-lasting B2C relationships, helping you keep in touch with your customers for the long haul.
  • The 2 Ds, direct and digital, complement each other perfectly! Direct email allows you to find out exactly what content people interact with and direct mail allows you to have an even greater reach.

An integrated direct marketing campaign just makes sense! Think about the mail that you get and which pieces you interact with. Send something that you’d love to receive.

How often do you send out direct mail pieces? Have you received an awesome piece of direct mail? We’d love to hear about it!

¹ Canadian Attitudes towards Direct Marketing and Mail
² What Canadian consumers and businesses think about direct mail
³ Direct Mail and Digital Media

Brittany Giles is the Social Media Specialist at The Printing House.

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    1. Thanks for the comment, David! Direct marketing provides so many options and it’s great to have the ability to track your results with the digital side of things.

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