6 super tips for restaurant tent cards

Tent cards are a common marketing tool that you’ve likely come across in restaurants. They give you something to browse when you’re killing time. If you add in extra details like custom cutting or lamination, they’ll really help make your restaurant stand out! Here are some quick tips and inspiration to make your tent cards the best that they can be.

1. Focus on a specific promotion.

Some tent cards try to cover too many bases. Zero in on one main message and it’ll be much easier to design a successful piece. You’ll also want to regularly switch these up to feature new promotions as they change! If you have different specials on each day of the week, use tent cards to showcase each one on the day.

2. Or take the time to tell your story.

Keep your customers entertained while they’re waiting for their food and use one side of the tent card to share your story or a funny story about how your signature dish came to be. If you have an interesting history to your establishment, now’s your chance to catch their interest and help tell them more about how your business became what it is today. Not to mention, the base for these are awesome and lives their branding.

3. Feature your drink specials.

featured drinks
Instead of listing out your entire drink menu, show off a few drink options that are difficult to resist. Use some great photography and copywriting to draw in your customers for extra refreshment. Do you have a happy hour? Advertise it on your tent cards so customers know when it is for future reference.

4. Get picture perfect.

If possible, skip the stock photos. Using original photos help to show off you actual dishes in all their glory. Stock photos may be high quality, but it’s worth it to get a professional photographer to take some shots that you can keep on hand for your marketing pieces. The higher the quality, the better they’ll turn out in print. If you can’t get a professional photographer, here are some tips on taking photos with your smartphone.

5. Find your true colours.

Pick out colours that will attract the attention of your main demographic or focus your colours around a certain theme or season. Different colours evoke different feelings and appeal to different ages and genders. Check out this infographic to learn more about using colour to target certain markets.

6. The right type.

happy hour
Never underestimate the power of some great typography. It can make or break a piece. And if you don’t have any great images to use, turn your typography into the art itself. You can find some great pieces that feature incredible typography.

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