Top four reasons for choosing digital printing

The growth of digital printing technology has brought about some excellent technical advancements for the commercial printing industry. While offset printing seems to be the popular choice for high-volume printing, digital printing yields excellent advantages. Having a clear understanding of these advantages is important if you’re looking to maximize your marketing dollars.

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Making the cut: tips for using custom cutting and die cutting

printing toronto, printing vancouver, printing ottawa, printing calgary, printing halifaxWhen should you choose custom cutting over die cutting? What are the differences between the two? These are valid questions that any business should take into consideration when planning its next printing project. Each method has its advantages and limitations.

Die cutting

Every business needs to stand out from the crowd, especially when it comes to printing and marketing materials.

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Be cost-effective: use banners and rollups to market your business

If you run a local business, you know how important it is to catch your customer’s attention quickly and draw them into your store. With all the distractions shoppers contend with, that’s easier said than done. But with colourful, eye-catching banners, you can at least hold your own in a competitive marketplace.

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