5 cool uses for 3D Printing you didn’t know about

5 cool uses for 3D printing you didn't know about

As one of TPH’s newest offerings, 3D printing has been a viable way for customers to produce just about anything. The myth that 3D printing is an exclusive technology for engineers and architects is simply that – a myth. Beyond prototyping, the technology is able to build a variety of practical items to be used within one’s home or office.

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3 Ways to freshen up your branding and build awareness

No matter how timeless or universal a brand may be, there is always some room for improvement. With companies like Google and Starbucks rebranding, it is evident that even on a large, and not to mention costly scale, rebranding or just tweaking even the strongest brands can be crucial.

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Canadian Doctor Uses A Solar-Powered Suitcase 3D Printer to Make Medical Supplies

Over one billion people lack access to electricity. In many remote areas, simple medical items are expensive and can take weeks or months to arrive in the hands of medical staff. 3D4MD‘s Dr. Julielynn Wong has designed and tested a solar-powered, plug-and-play, ultra-portable 3D printing system to manufacture a range of hygienic, effective, and low-cost medical supplies at the point of use.

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Three ways to beef up your pitch

In today’s digital world, almost anything is available at the palm of one’s hand, however when it comes to adding that extra value, print can serve as a fairly mighty weapon of choice. High quality printed pitch materials could make the difference between a lasting impression and a PowerPoint deck lost in the continuum of one’s email inbox.

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